Latest Trend in the Job Market – Freelancing

We haven’t allowed laziness to take over our weekend… We didn’t forget about you! The truth is, as we were actually looking into the job’s market latest trend – Freelancing. We were intrigued by one specific article “Freelance Nation” by Steve Bates in HR Magazine. In his publication Steve Bates draws attention to what used to be limited to few … Read More

To UnLock is to Evolve

When one thinks about the iconic companies that have propelled the growth of commerce throughout American history, the most popular brand names tend to rise to the forefront. Classic examples from the 20th century include corporations such as Disney producing Media, Ford innovating transportation, Marriott providing accommodations, and Wal-Mart in the Retailing Industry. Companies like these were characterized by their … Read More

Waving the UnLocked Flag

As fate would have it, it seems as though another holiday has led to another UnLocked Happy Hour. Just as our team’s first event on Cinco de Mayo was a tremendous success, our gathering on the 16th (technically two days after Flag Day) also led to rave reviews and great praise for our platform. Opportunities for extensive networking and in-depth … Read More

Join UnLocked for our 2nd Meet Up

Calling all Independent Consultants, Project Workers and Hiring Managers….Meet UnLocked!   Come get to know UnLocked – a tool to revolutionize the independent workforce – with the UnLocked team.  We would love to show you how UnLocked – the only tool purpose built to connect project workers with the managers looking to hire them – can work for you. Come … Read More