How to keep contractors happy

Motivating independent contractors on short-term contracts as a project manager can sometimes be tricky. Short term contractors don’t always have a reason to be invested in the long term success of your company. In our time working with both full time, part time, long term and short term contractors, we have found that utilizing incentive based strategies can help motivate any employee to complete their project on time and under budget.

Completion bonus. One strategy you can use to motivate short term contractors is to give a bonus upon completion of the contract or wait to pay the contract in full until the project has been completed.

Flexible work hours. While you may require new contractors to be on the premise at the beginning of their contract, consider having flexible hours once the contract gets rolling. If your contractors are flying to and from your offices, consider covering some of their expenses and encouraging them to spend time at home throughout the the period of her contract.

Become a better communicator. Having great communication skills will help engage your contractors and make them feel they are part of a team. This will also give you, as their supervisor, a direct line to their likes and dislikes and will encourage them to be honest and open with you.

Build a team environment. Host a monthly happy hour or consider providing coffee, tea, snacks and refreshments for your office. It’s amazing how these small changes can help improve company morale.

Showing your employees – full time or part time, contractors or W2 –  that you are invested in their career will encourage them to invest into your organization.