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UnLocked is your ideal sourcing automation app.

Free IT Job Postings

IT recruiters, share your positions with a highly stocked pool of the best tech workers available FOR FREE. UnLocked has one of the largest databases around of incredibly well qualified IT candidates. To communicate about your positions, you simply need to set up a personal UnLocked profile and get started.

Retain Every Qualified IT Applicant

Post a job, fill the position, then connect with all of the other awesome applicants to stay in touch about future opportunities. Unlocked uses a patented software process that no other talent platform can tap into to help make your life as a recruiter the easiest it can possibly be.

Mobile, Mobile, and more Mobile

The UnLocked platform was completely designed with mobile recruiters in mind. Everything we have works great on all of your mobile devices, as well as your desktop. We have optimized both sides of the platform to allow recruiters to have advanced functionality to communicate with IT Workers on the go.

Massive IT Talent Database

UnLocked has drawn incredible interest because we provide technical workers with profile privacy through a permission-based connection logic. By sharing positions with workers that are not actively searching for roles anywhere else, you can fill your positions more easily from your first day on the platform.

Get “Real Time Availability” of Connected Tech Workers

With our patented rapid click process, workers can let you know immediately when they are available to be contacted for a new project. We have developed a proprietary process for workers to post a notification directly for you if they are ready for a new job.

Beta-Mania for initial IT Recruiters

The first 500 recruiters accepted to the UnLocked Beta will receive tons of benefits. We’ll make sure they always have priority access to new feature upgrades, better exposure to great candidates, and a whole host of neat prizes and awards as long as they remain active on the platform.

Hotlist Your Favorite RockStars

Keep track of your top performing IT workers by getting a notification when someone is ready to hear about a new position or project that you have available. UnLocked is building the coolest Artificial Intelligence packed features to help you manage your database in ways previously unimaginable.

Save Top Prospects to Fill Future Postings

Imagine posting a job, filling your position and also getting great applicants to connect with. You will be able to see if any of them are available in the future by clicking on the old posting to see past applicants and if they are open to discussion about working for you now.

Free Onboarding Support

For a limited time, each qualified recruiter or hiring manager interested in sampling the platform will be able to discover new technical talent at no cost. We encourage any recruiters interested in the exploring the beta to apply soon as our available slots are filling quickly.

Our “Killer Feature” is better engagement

By placing as much emphasis on building software for those searching for opportunities as we do for those looking for talent, we’ve created a sourcing platform that caters to both sides of the hiring marketplace.

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What is UnLocked?

Developed by IT recruiters, UnLocked is the most effective sourcing platform for discovering top quality technical candidates in the market today. Over the past 2 years, the UnLocked team has worked closely with hiring managers at notable companies to help shape the ideal app to better keep in touch with both past prospects and new candidates. Currently access to the platform is restricted to a limited number of IT recruiters to test. If you’re interested in exploring the app, please join the waiting list.

What’s the Onboarding Process like?

For UnLocked’s Beta Recruiters, our onboarding team offers a concierge service focused on making your experience as simple as possible. After one is accepted into the beta and confirms a few details, our team will create their full UnLocked profile, then upload any opportunities that you share to the platform. In total, the process requires 3 minutes of work on an IT recruiters behalf to get started, and once completed, UnLocked provides incredible access to the best IT candidates available in the marketplace today.

Who is eligible to apply for beta access?

UnLocked is committed to providing incredible value to both the IT recruiters and technical workers on the platform. This requires restricting access to IT recruiters who have a track record of success with regards to sourcing for IT positions with high quality companies. We strongly prefer recruiters that are referred by technical workers within the community, but we also routinely vet and admit IT recruiters that are on our waiting list to the beta.

Does UnLocked support Recruiting Teams?

By default, UnLocked recruiters are provided with a personal sourcing license, which allows them to create a profile without requiring corporate approval (very similar to how you can utilize your own Twitter or LinkedIn profile to source). However, the platform is also equipped to support teams of up to 15 recruiters that are sourcing for new technical talent. If you are interested in exploring utilizing UnLocked as a team, please join the waiting list and let us know!