Find high quality contractors

When you need to fill jobs in your organization whether short term or long term, full time or part time, it is important to have a group of highly skilled and qualified contractors ready to go in your professional pipeline.

Here a few tips to keep your open jobs and contracts full of great talent.

1. Build up your contractor database to keep your pipeline always full. When you have an available job, you don’t want to waste precious time making connections and refreshing your contact list. Consistently keeping track of contractors you meet through colleagues, conferences and work ensures your database is current and ready to be accessed to fill your open jobs.

2. Find a great staffing firm. As a hiring manager, having a relationship with a great staffing firm can help you fill jobs when your go to contractors are taken. You should trust any staffing firm you work with will be able to give you three to four qualified candidates with the skills and rate target you are looking for.

3. Trust your instincts. When filling open jobs at your organization, trust what you know. Sometimes a candidate will seem great on paper but is just not the right fit and vice versa. You may interview a candidate who doesn’t have all the “right” qualifications but would be a great fit on your team.

4. Check out UnLocked. Our team is currently building a patent-pending status, availability and matching system that will allow you to curate your own online network. The best part? It moves with you from job to job. We are looking for great hiring managers to help us build out this tool. If you are interested, sign up here.