Happy New Year from UnLocked!

A new year means a fresh start (right!?!). Isn’t it satisfying to take time on January 1st, to reflect on the previous year and set new goals and priorities for the future? We put together a few items to get your new year off to a productive start.

Inbox zero. Sounds impossible right? Most work inboxes are the virtual equivalent to this. However, it’s impossible to get work done efficiently¬†when you can’t find anything in your email. Check this out to make Inbox Zero¬†a reality in your life.

Heads down work. We think it’s important to prioritize time every day to work without distractions. This means no TV, radio or email. You won’t regret this as you plow through your to-do list.

Smarter to-do lists. Do you use a virtual system to manage your to-do lists? While we love an old fashioned paper to-do lists we can’t really keep track of them toward the end of the week. We like Evernote and Basecamp to help hold ourselves accountable.

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