Independent contractor recruiting and hiring techniques

Recruiting and hiring techniques

If hiring and staffing projects with contractors is any part of your job it can be a time consuming process. You may not realize that small updates to your current recruiting and hiring procedures can save you time, and help guarantee your company consistently attracts the best talent.

Be known in your professional network for having quality gigs. You have spent countless hours cultivating your professional network (or at least you should have) and now it’s time to put those relationships to work. Chances are there are other hiring and project managers, in your company or in your industry, who have a network of qualified contractors for you to tap into.

Keep your fellow hiring and project manager networks updated on open gigs you are looking to fill. If you receive a great reference from your network, follow up with the candidate. This process shows you have jobs to fill and are eager to fill them, while opening a line of communication with those in similar positions in your industry.

Know how to conduct quality phone interviews. Being able to sort through potential candidates during a phone interview will increase the quality of the candidates that eventually move forward through your hiring process. Check out our blog post for the top 5 phone interview tips.

  1. Practice makes perfect
  2. Standardize your questions
  3. Stay on track
  4. Keep the interview to under 30 minutes
  5. Take notes immediately

Always be on the lookout for great talent. Just because you don’t have an open job doesn’t mean that you can’t be on the lookout for great talent. It’s essential to keep your candidate pipeline full to easily fill positions as they become available. If a great consultant comes across your desk, set up an informal interview, and be sure stay in touch. This will help ensure these consultants keep you in mind when their schedule opens or their availability changes.

Turn current and former employees and contractors into hiring resources. Your job posting isn’t going to get around without some effort behind it and contractors who worked directly with you in the past can be a great resource to find new talent. If former consultants liked working with your company, chances are they will recomended you to other contractors with similar skills and experience levels.

Recruiting and hiring doesn’t always have to be time intensive. Spending just a small amount of time each week to keep in touch with candidates will make filling open jobs a breeze.

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