Industry Certifications to Put your Career on the Fast Track

You probably spend a significant amount of time (networking, going to conferences and local meet-ups, polishing your resume) investing in your career. In all this time are you forgetting to invest in yourself?

Below we have compiled a list of professional certifications and online trainings, specific to the IT industry, to help set you apart from your peers and put your career on the fast track.

Professional Certifications

Technical trainings

Check out Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Cisco and Citrix for IT technical trainings. For development and design consider General Assembly and Codecademy.

Online Resources

Coursera: Specializations in Data Mining, Project Management Principles and Practices, Interaction Design, Human Computer Interaction, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity and Mobile Cloud Computing for Android from participating colleges and universities like the University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, University of Illinois, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of California and John Hopkins University.

Whatever route you decide to take, don’t wait for opportunities to fall into your lap, show initiative and bet on yourself.

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8 Steps to Sell Yourself