Productivity Hacks for the Busy Professional

Every new year brings resolutions and promises to be more productive or maybe (hopefully) take more time to spend with family and friends. At UnLocked we love this time of year, because it gives us a chance to reset, ditch bad habits and create new ones.

So what is our resolution this year? In 2015, we are committed to being more productive. Finally, this is the year we are going to keep our desk clean, our inbox clear and distractions to a minimum.  Well this is what we hope our year will look like. Check back with us in December. In the meantime, we have put together a few productivity hacks to get your year started off right.

Tackle your To-Dos
Does your to-do lists never get shorter? If this is the case it may be time for a change in how you are keeping track of your time. Our tip – start scheduling your to-dos. Not only does this give you a firm and clear time to get everything done, but it forces you to realistically consider how much time each project will take. This not only turns your list into action items but also ensures you won’t end up staying up late or waking up early to complete tasks you have known about for weeks.

Email Management 
This is finally the year you are going to clean up your email inbox. Just like physical clutter, digital clutter can mess with your workflow. When it comes to managing your inbox, the Internet has countless suggestions and strategies on getting started, so, it’s important to know what will work best for you. Maybe separate folders for clients, tasks and/or colleagues is going to be your ticket to digital organization or you might want to consider organizing emails into three categories – emails you have read, emails that need a response and emails that still need some thought. Whatever you do, pick an organization system and stick with it.

Take Meetings Like a Pro
Have you sat through a meeting that lasted longer than 45 minutes and actually was able to pay attention through the end of the meeting? We haven’t either, which is why we love meetings under 45 minutes. Not only will you benefit from the added time in your schedule, but it will force your meetings to be productive. If you have been trying to keep your meetings short to no avail, have standing only meetings and always send an agenda out before the meeting and action items afterward. 

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