To UnLock is to Evolve

When one thinks about the iconic companies that have propelled the growth of commerce throughout American history, the most popular brand names tend to rise to the forefront. Classic examples from the 20th century include corporations such as Disney producing Media, Ford innovating transportation, Marriott providing accommodations, and Wal-Mart in the Retailing Industry. Companies like these were characterized by their … Read More

What We Read

We hope you got a chance to enjoy some time off over the holidays and are refreshed and ready to make 2015 your best year yet. To help, here are some of our favorite resources from the past week: 6 IT Career Resolutions via InformationWeek Find Work You Love By Identifying Your Unique Angle via Life Hacker Don’t believe what they tell … Read More

Social Media and Independent Contracting

Social media and independent contracting

Social media is one of the most powerful tools you have in your arsenal to grow your personal network within the independent contractor community. We have put together a few best practices when it comes to using social media to your advantage. Promote and Brand Yourself Many times, social media is the first place your references will go to find … Read More

Build your brand as an independent contractor to generate leads

As an independent consultant, whether you’re seasoned professional or just getting into the game, it is important to spend time developing a personal brand. A personal brand isn’t much more than creating a consistent message in your market around the things that make you, as an independent contractor, special. Once you have developed your brand, it’s important to make sure … Read More