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Do not Burn bridges!  Your Co-workers drive you crazy and your boss can be unreasonably tough, and unrealistic. A new job has been found, only thing left to do is to put in your notice. Now, before you leave, remember not to burn any bridges. As you’ll see below, the future is never truly known and you never know when … Read More

Off to the races – UnLocked kicks off series of meet and greets on Cinco de Mayo

When you combine project workers, staffing managers, and Chipotle catering for a Happy Hour event on Cinco de Mayo, one might not expect a ton of progress to be made. Yet on May 5th, the atmosphere was perfect for attendees to experience what the UnLocked team has been developing for the past several months. Genuine social networking, insightful questions, and … Read More

How to keep contractors happy

Motivating independent contractors on short-term contracts as a project manager can sometimes be tricky. Short term contractors don’t always have a reason to be invested in the long term success of your company. In our time working with both full time, part time, long term and short term contractors, we have found that utilizing incentive based strategies can help motivate … Read More

Put your business relationships to work

As an independent contractor working in an ultra competitive marketplace, and in one of the fastest growing sectors of our labor economy, it is important not only to develop relationships with hiring managers, but to put those connections to work. Making sure your relationships proactively work for you ensures you won’t miss valuable opportunities and will be first in line … Read More