Waving the UnLocked Flag

image5As fate would have it, it seems as though another holiday has led to another UnLocked Happy Hour. Just as our team’s first event on Cinco de Mayo was a tremendous success, our gathering on the 16th (technically two days after Flag Day) also led to rave reviews and great praise for our platform. Opportunities for extensive networking and in-depth software demonstrations highlighted the evening as consultants, executives, & recruiters from a number of industries become acquainted. In addition, the UnLocked team had the pleasure of sharing several development insights and future features that intrigued both first-time & returning attendees. Just as the UnLocked platform has continued to grow in popularity, our Happy Hour events have expanded as well!

UnLocked is a D.C. based startup focused on disrupting the contracting space by empowering both enterprises and project workers. This innovative tool provides the ability to manage a network of workers or a portfolio of contract opportunities in a manner never available before. The difficulties associated with finding the “next contract” or the best personnel are eased through a curated matching system, and feedback from early pilot users echoes the level of interest shared during the Q&A session. UnLocked is an outspoken advocate of more streamlined contracting, and believe that their cutting-edge interface can eliminate the email threads, archaic spreadsheets, and voicemails from the process altogether.

Planning for the next month’s happy hour is already underway. Feel free to stay in tune with our efforts by Following, Linking, Liking, and UnLocking! In addition, we have extended access to our pilot program for both project workers & hiring managers due to an increased level of interest. If you’re interested in experiencing the tool for yourself, please contact us at [email protected]