How to write a job posting to attract top talent

If you want to fill open gigs with the best talent (who doesn’t?), you can’t assume just any job posting is going to bring the most qualified candidates in the door. Think of your job listings as enticing advertisements instead of simply a description of work. Taking the time to put together an appealing posting will guarantee a much better applicant pool, saving your company time and resources.

With the advent of internet job boards, candidates have many options when it comes to where they can search for a job. Keep the following in mind and your job posting will have no trouble getting noticed by the best talent.

Make sure your job post is clear and concise. Having a vague posting is not going to attract a wider pool of talent, in fact, it may do the opposite. Having a clear and concise job posting, ensures you will attract people who are uniquely qualified for the job instead of having hundreds of resumes in your inbox that won’t make it past the delete button.

Check out what your competition has posted. Knowing what your competition is posting will help you understand how to speak to your ideal candidate and the current job market. According to Inc., “That means paying attention to things like keywords–what terms are your ideal candidates searching for? You can try using online keyword tools to find out, although they may not index terms on all job board sites. You might learn more by looking at other companies’ ads for the position you’re seeking to fill. Review several of these and you should get a feel for which keywords seem most relevant.”

Think of your job posting as a marketing email, how will you stand out from the crowd to catch a job seeker’s attention? Those in the job hunt could see hundreds of job listings a day. Having a great job title, bullet points that make expectations clear and an understanding of what qualifications the candidate should posses, ensures your posting stands out from the pack.

Set up a process for candidate follow up. Why spend all this time crafting the best job posting and then lack a system for responding to qualified candidates? Remember if a prospect looks great to you, they probably look great to other companies. Make sure an employee in your hiring department has the responsibility to check your incoming prospects daily and begins to move the best candidates through the interview process quickly. Not only does this show potential candidates your company is serious about hiring, but it ensures you don’t miss out on a great candidate because you lacked a timely response process.

Taking time the time to craft a thoughtful and enticing job post saves your company, and more importantly, your time in the long run and ensures you aren’t stuck sifting through an endless stream of lackluster resumes.